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2 Day VIP Weekend
And you know it's about so much more than business.

To top it all off:

Because deep down at your core
you know that this is about so much more
than simply building a business.

It's no wonder you're overwhelmed and exhausted. 

You've been looking for a roadmap in all the wrong places.


That's why I'm here. You + Me = a whole new kind of clarity.


Together, we'll build the life and business you've been striving for, one step at a time.


I'm Avery

Business mentor, author & spiritual coach
I teach soulful entrepreneurs like you how to identify, attract and book your soulmate clients.

My work has been featured on CNBC's The Suze Orman Show,
Elle Magazine, and Ashton Kutcher's A-Plus, Positive Journalism.

My Mission: To get you out of your head and into your business. 

Clarity is your roadmap
Confidence is your rocket-fuel.
Let's start forging your path.

Avery, you are a true

go-getter. You get a vision for what people want and you find a way to make it a reality.







Suze Orman

Financial expert, New York Times Bestselling author.

"I left my sessions with Avery on fire! Ever since implementing his advice, my business and life are skyrocketing. If you want the kind of clarity that generates dollars, Avery is a no-brainer."







Elyse Hughes

TEDx speaker, author, holistic health and food expert.

Working with Avery is the best thing I've done for myself all year. In our first 2 weeks of working together, I generated $2,000 of extra income. He has become my go-to mentor for matters big and small.







Nida Kazmi

Motivational speaker, host of The Exponential You podcast.

What is the Thrive Mentorship?

A 3 month partnership. We'll work together to build the next evolution of your business and create soulful strategies that will sustain you long-term.

What areas can we work on during our time together?
(Choose 4-6 areas to focus on.  Many clients are able to cover more
ground during our work. You set your own pace.)
The Mindset of Success
Learn how to hack your own behavorial patterns. Identify the stories and beliefs that are keeping you stuck and learn how to dismantle them. I'll teach you a daily practice that will keep you in alignment with your goals and attract your soulmate clients to you like  magnet. 
Your Hero Story
Uncover who you are, who you're meant to serve, and develop your unique brand of genius,
The Soulmate Client Avatar
Learn how to pinpoint your ideal client's demographics, interests, needs, and desires. I'll show you where to find your perfect tribe and how to create the things they need most.
The Brand Breakdown
Review your current branding and come up with suggestions for
making it shine.  Create a personalzed PDF guide with color pallettes,
fonts, graphics- the works.
Soulful Social Media
A calendar for 2 social media platforms, including a
detailed breakdown of what to post and when. 
Content Calendar  
Outline a schedule of how you'll connect with
your audience (blogs, periscope, email) and when.
Your Digital Temple
Break down each section of your website. You'll learn how to implement your new messaging and client profile. We'll also go over ways that you can optimize your site to offer visitors a better experience and to capture more leads  (and make more sales in the process!)
Evergreen Audience Growth Plan
Put your lead generation on auto-pilot so that you can attract new clients, even when you're not actively working.
Irresistable Freebies
Learn how to create an endless supply of irresistabl opt-ins that your audience can't wait to get their hands on.
Sales Pages With Soul
Learn how to tap into your client's deepest needs and desires so that you can write sales copy that sells- without feeling sleazy.
Your Next Offering
Outline your next product or service. Learn the step-by-step process that you can use to banish overwhelm and make the creation process effortless. You'll also develop a promotional strategy for your offerings.
No-Stress Systems
Get the skinny on all of the tech and apps you'll need as you grow your business. You'll learn how to automate and systemize the daily flow of your business.
Imagine having a thriving business.
No more doubt, no more self-sabotage.
You're here because you're ready.

2 Days.

Unlimited Possibilities.

12  weekly coaching calls

(45 minutes each) We'll lay out all of the fundamentals of your business and create the inner and outer foundation you need to flourish.




Weekly email access

(2 emails per week) Get feedback on your work, ask questions, and be held accountable to deadlines. 




Shared project notes, resources and more

You'll have access to a shared google drive folder with notes from our sessions, homework assignments, a spreadsheet to track your progress, and resources (apps, tools, books, and more).













Your Investment: $3,497.00 

(or 1 downpayment of $2,000 and one monthly payment of $1,497)

Ready to ditch self sabotage and create your greatest work?

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