September 1

6pm Eastern/ 3pm Pacific

  • Automate your sales process. Deliver your courses, workshops, and downloads seamlessly to your audience- no matter where and when they buy.

  • Learn the simple 3 step sales funnel you can create today to jumpstart your first passive income stream (without puling your hair out from tech nightmares.)

  • The easy way to put your content creation on autopilot. No more worrying about what to post and when. Follow this plan to have irresistable content scheduled out months in advance.

Join us for this FREE Masterclass. 
Learn how to banish the overwhelm and implement simple systems that can skyrocket your sales.
(without suffering a technology-induced  mental breakdown or throwing your computer out a 10-story window.)



This class begins in...


Katya Sarmiento

Tech Specialist and Systems Coach for Entrepreneurs

Hosted by:

Avery Ford

Business Mentor and Spiritual Coach for ​Soulpreneurs

Join us for the FREE Masterclass. 
Thursday September 1st, 6pm EST/ 3pm PST



with Katya Sarmiento

and Avery Ford