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Social media is the first point of contact between you and your potential clients. One of the common questions coaches ask me is "how do I create content that resonates with my audience and encourages them to book a call with me?"

On top of that, there are thousands of different opinions and strategies when it comes to social media. If you listened to what many "experts" are saying, you'd be posting, broadcasting, tweeting, and instagraming (yep, we made it a verb) 5 times a day on 10 different platforms.

Sound exhausting? I'm with you. I've found there's a simpler- and more powerful way to connect with your audience that generates leads (and sales) like clockwork.


"Clients who are ready to invest have different needs (and are looking for different types of content) than the rest of your audience."


Here's what most online marketers will never tell you: Not everyone in your audience is at the same place in their journey. Prospects who are ready to invest have different needs (and are looking for different types of content) than the rest of your audience. These are people who know that they have a problem, understand the problem thoroughly and see you as the authority figure who has the solution they need. (To learn more about the 3 types of prospects in your audience and how to speak to them, click here.)

There are 3 things that a highly motivated prospect is looking for in your content:


1.) THEORY: Your prospects want to know that you have a unique perspective on your subject matter. They also want to know how your way of doing things is different than what everyone else is teaching. If you can show them that your method will save them time, money, and energy- even better.

Your goal when communicating your core theory isn't to teach someone an entire method or system. What you're looking for is something deeper. You want to create a shift in perspective- an "ah-ha" moment that changes they way they think about themselves, their business etc.

If you can help them see their problem in a new light- especially when it's something they previously assumed they knew everything about- they automatically see you as an authority.


2.) PROCESS: This is where you go beyond theory and show your prospective clients that you have a step-by-step process that you use to solve the exact problem they're struggling with.

You've already gotten your prospects' attention by having a different perspective than other coaches in your niche. Now it's time to unveil your secret sauce- your unique method or system. In our business, we call our unique methodology Five Dimensional Coaching. Naming your proprietary processes can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Your potential clients will begin to associate the ideas they've been learning with you. They'll also begin to see your proprietary process as the missing piece and the solution to their problem.

Keep in mind that you won't have the time or space to walk your audience through your signature process in detail. Your goal here is to give them an understanding of the overall method.

To deepen your audience's understanding of your process, you can give them a resource that helps them solve a piece of the puzzle. This could be a guide, a video series, a template etc. The best resources contain actionable content that can be implemented quickly so that your client can see an immediate result. When you create a measurable result for someone with your free content, you automatically create the desire for the full solution.

So you've captured your client's attention and given them a taste of how your work can transform their life or business. There's one more thing that they need to know:


3.) RESULTS: The number one thing that potential clients are looking for in your content? Results. They want to know that you're seeing results from your theories and process. More importantly, they want to see that other people in your audience are seeing results; and they want to see those same results for themselves.

Your current clients are a great place to start looking for measurable results that you can share with your audience. Their testimonials, success stories, and case studies are a fantastic asset to your business (and can be great content all on their own.)

But what if you took things to another level? What if your content, resources and classes were so good that even non-paying audience members were able to apply what they've learned and see success? How would it feel to have people posting, commenting, and sharing their wins in your community on a weekly or even daily basis?

When you lead with a "hold nothing back" philosophy, you create an air of momentum and success in your community.

Have you ever been a member of a group or community where participants were constantly sharing the results they achieved by applying what they'd learned? It's irresistible. It makes you sit up straight and pay attention to the content being taught. It makes you wonder "If they did that, imagine what I could do?"

Added bonus? People are more inclined to book a call, join a course, or participate in a group program when they've already seen a track record of success in your community.

This is the type of culture that you want to foster with your content.


How to incorporate these 3 elements into your content:

First: Identify the main theory or thesis that you've formulated through your work. Start sharing it with your audience.

Next: Outline your signature process. Give it a name and structure all of your content around it.

Then: Share client results and audience success throughout your content. Share testimonials from your clients. Take screenshots of success messages you receive. Create case studies for clients that have seen success with your signature process.


Want a quick way to hit your coaching goals this month?

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Now I want to hear from you. How did the 3 components presented here change the way you saw think about your content? Comment below and share your insights.

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