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For all the pomp and circumstance- the marketing and messaging, the strategies and selling, the tactics and templates- coaching (and building a coaching business) is fundamentally about just one thing- facilitating powerful conversations. (Click to tweet it)


The best way to create new clients and build your reputation as the go-to coach?

Step 1.) Invite someone into a powerful conversation. The best way for someone to understand the power of what you do is for them to experience it. Email your friends and ask if there is anyone they can refer to you. Gift potential clients an hour of your time to get a feel for coaching with you. Put a call out to your audience for free assessments or coaching calls. Before long, your calendar will be full of potential clients.

Now, your goal is simply to be of service. Serve your potential clients in such a way that their life or business is radically transformed. See them in a way that no one ever has. Help them break through old patterns. Uncover the treasure trove of confidence and brilliance that they forgot was there. Help them see, feel, taste and touch a completely new reality for themselves.

This is what being a transformational coach is all about- creating shifts for other human beings. When you do, you won't have to ask for the sale, they'll be asking YOU how they can pay you. Do this consistently and your client calendar (and your bank account) will be overflowing year-round

Step 2.) So you've booked a new client (or 5)! Congratulations. Now what? Now it's time to do the work. I want you to come to every conversation with 100% of your soul. Be completely present. Tell the absolute truth (even when it's uncomfortable), get curious about every aspect of their life or business, listen more than you talk, and guide them to parts of themselves that they might have never explored otherwise. This is the work of being a great coach.

When you're the best at what you do, and you show up with everything you've got, you'll see astounding transformations in your clients. Your presence and attention to their highest good will inspire and ignite them in ways that no strategy ever could.You'll feel fulfilled in ways you never imagined and your business will soar to new heights- all without worrying about ads, funnels, strategies, or the latest "magic pill" that someone is trying to sell you.

The best part about serving at this level: your clients won't keep you to themselves. Imagine the infamous letter delivery scene in the first Harry Potter film. Except instead of owls sending mountains of beautifully stamped letters flying through your fireplace, you're going to have happy clients sending rave reviews and everyone they know flying into your inbox (and social media feed.)

I want you to practice the art of having transformative conversations. It's what being a great coach is really all about. When you focus on it this way- one conversation at a time, the business will take care of itself and you'll never have to worry about where your next client will come from.


How to initiate the first conversation:

So my question to you is this: How many conversations have you had this week? Can you reach out to someone you'd love to work with and gift them with some of your time purely out of a desire to be of service to them? If you're unsure of how to reach out, I have a gift for you:


Want an example email script to get you started?

Download the Ice-Breaker Email Script here:


So... If you snag the script above, you've got the exact words to use. Nothing is holding you back. I want you to use it.

Can you make a commitment right now?

Agree (right here and now) that you will reach out to at least 3 people this week. If you're ready to take the pledge, comment below and tell me you're in.

I want to hear from you. How did the 2 steps or the script template change the way you saw your coaching business?Comment below to tell me how.

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