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Master your next discovery call with this 5 part Mastercourse, including workbooks, customizable prep sheets, scripts, templates, and a bonus Masterclass recording

Conversations that Convert Mastercourse

  • Master your next discovery call with this mini course and script bundle. This package includes:

    • A 5 part video course to walk you through the discovery call process. You'll learn how to conduct sizzling sales calls that leave your potential clients objectionless.

    • Disovery Call workbook full of tips and tricks for improving your conversion rate.

    • A pre-written Discovery Call application questionnaire. Weed out time-wasters and people who can’t afford your services. Customize it, upload it to your sales page, and you’re done.

    • Done-for-you Discovery Call intake forms that you can adapt to your business. Everything you need to prepare for your call.

    • The step-by-step script that I use for discovery calls.

    • Follow Up email templates to send after your call.

    BONUS: Discovery Call Masterclass Recording- watch me demonstrate these scripts in an exclusice live class. They work so well that our test subject purchased a high-end coaching package live on air!


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