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For Facebook Groups

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Master your Facebook Group strategy to book high-end clients.

(without looking desperate or resorting to sleazy, spammy tactics)
Click Here to Get the Free System
What's inside this free mini-course?
2 Video Lessons
Map out your facebook strategy with 2 powerful video lessons. You'll learn how to create irresistable content for facebook and how to track your content's effectiveness.
The Soulmate Client Attraction System workbook.
Never worry about being spammy or sleazy again. With this workbook and done-for-you spreadsheet set, you'll be able to curate and schedule your facebook group posts with ease.
BONUS: Recording of the FB Group Masterclass
Get a free recoreding of our facebook groups Masterclass. In this 60 minute class, I'll walk you through the Soulmate Client Attraction System step-by-step. You'll get an inside look at how I created some of my most popular (and profitable) facebook content.

Avery, you are a true

go-getter. You get a vision for what people want and you find a way to make it a reality.










Suze Orman

Financial expert, New York Times Bestselling author.

"Ever since implementing Avery's advice, my business and life are skyrocketing. If you want the kind of clarity that generates dollars, Avery is a no-brainer."








Elyse Hughes

TEDx speaker, author, holistic health and food expert.

I'm Avery

Avery Ford is a renowned business strategist and spiritual coach. Avery has been featured on The Suze Orman Show, CNBC, and Ashton Kutcher's A Plus- Positive Journalism. His advice and strategies have helped entrepreneurs around the world revolutionize their business and life. ​
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