We've all got big dreams. But why is it that we often keep our dreams at arms
length? Rather than focusing on the steps we could take today to advance
towards our dreams, we seem to get hyper focused on the gap between where we
are and where we want to be. It's a vicious cycle. The more we focus on the gap,
the larger it seems to be, and the larger it seems to be, the more we focus on it.

This week, I'm getting personal. Oh, yeah.  I want to tell you a bit of my story and
how The Conversation came about. I also have a challenge for you. Are you
ready for this? Let's do it.

Be sure to check out the new Resources page here at AveryFord.com.  And don't
forget to take up my challenge in the comments below. I want to know: what's the
dream that you've been putting off and how can start where you are in order to
start closing the gap.

See you next week!



05/29/2013 6:05pm

Avery, THANK YOU for this. I have been feeling as though I didn't have "enough" (resources, support, creativity etc...) to really make my dreams manifest. I now own that those were just excuses that were based in fear. My dream is to publish my book about my road trip. From that, I desire for other avenues, such as workshops and speaking engagements, to open up. The one step that I am going to take today is to start the editing process so that I can publish it on Amazon within the next two weeks. That starts NOW! Thank you for reigniting the spark within me.

05/31/2013 12:18am

You are most welcome, Can't wait to watch you rock the book and speaking gigs that are coming your way!!!


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